Responding to Trumps comments that the crisis in San Juan is a joint venture and not a ‘wait and take situation’. President Trump wants the city to help themselves in conjunction with federal aide.

Anderson Cooper (CNN) asked San Juan Mayor, Carmen Yulin Cruz, what she thought of the Presidents Tweets and she said, “I smiled, I smiled…”

She continued to say she “really has no time for small politics or comments that don’t add to the situation”.

Then explained some of the problems, for example, they had a generator failure at a local hospital and another problem is two towns currently being evacuated.

Overall, Mayor Cruz complained about some problems but had nothing to add in the way of solutions or what could be done differently, better, or improved.

It is usually good practice to have solutions to problems instead of simply complaining and after watching several interviews with Cruz, it is our opinion that President Trump may have been correct about the San Juan mayor, wanting “everything done for them” instead of making it a joint effort.

Mayor Cruz made what we thought was a telling comment. She said “maybe he’s (Trump) used to women who have to be told what to do”.

Cruz said she has had no conversations with democrats as Donald Trump had suggested and said she is not a democrat herself although she does agree or have similar

It was interesting that the interview started with Cruz saying she had no time for small politics and then engaged just in that, small politics.

Overall the interview was friendly however, we noticed several micro-aggressions and even a couple macro-aggressions like the comment Cruz made about women that was unnecessary and obviously a directed attack at Trump.

At this point we hope President Trump will do the right thing and stop any and all negative tweets and get the people what they need.

It is critical that President Trump is successful at resolving disasters like this one, and creating a smooth process for all involved.

We also think the leadership in San Juan needs to take some responsibility for the problems and stick to the facts, ask for what they need, and reassure the people.
It would be helpful to express your needs instead of complaining about what you don’t need.

Will both sides do the right thing. Time will tell!