Ask anyone to describe America and there is a good chance they will mention “freedom”.

The virtue that makes America great is the freedoms afforded to all citizens.

Declaration of Independence with United States flag background

First Amendment – Religion and Expression

American citizens are guaranteed the right to not have freedom of speech abridged and love freedom of speech but is there a time when it goes too far.

How about when a professional athletes who sit during the National Anthem in protest.

An athlete certainly has the ‘right’ to protest,

Is protesting our national flag disrespectful to men and women who have protected our right of free speech.

Seems a bit ironic to protest the flag that is the very essence of the freedom allowing that protest.

Put in Death or Imprisoned for Speech

It is easy to forget how rare it is to have unlimited freedom of speech to say whatever you want to whomever you want.

In 2007, Iran imprisoned many journalist for speaking freely.

China guarantees free speech in their constitution however, the Communist-Party is heavily involved in journalism.  There are laws in China that heavily limit what can be said on the Internet including speech against country (harming national unification).

Saudi Arabia punishes any speech against ‘islam‘ with death.

North Korea limits all speech against the state and terrorizes citizens with torture and death.

Much of the European Union including Germany and France have freedom of speech however, speech is limited like much of Europe. Insult, gossip, hate speech, Holocaust denial and more are crimes.

United Kingdom has freedom of expression but is also limited with most any speech causing distress punishable.

Freedom is Not Free

Many Americans have died to protect the freedoms we enjoy.

The American Flag is carried into battle and represents who we are.

To protest is allowed, you have a right, it is your privilege.


But is it disrespectful?