President Hassan Rouhani of Iran said the only alternative for Palestinians armed jihad against Israel . Rouhani made the comments in a meeting with the Palestinian Islamic Jihad leader, a terrorist group funded by the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Rouhani has been touted in the Western media as a moderate even though he is known to finance terrorist groups and massively restrictive policies in his own country.

In Tehran, Rouhani told Ramadan Abdullah Mohammad Shallah, the head of Islamic Jihad, “Today, the world public opinion is faced with this strong argument that the Zionist regime has never been after peace, and this argument and reasoning should be used to show that there is no way, but jihad and resistance for the Palestinians against the usurper regime,”

Those words contradict Rouhani’s own actions including the fact that he was in the meeting with Shallah which is funding and encouraging terrorism. Rouhani accused Israel of funding terrorism and sectarian violence in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and North Africa, according to Fars news.

Ramadan Abdullah Mohammad Shallah is considered by the United States to be a “Specially Designated Terrorist” and is on the FBI’s most wanted list. He thanked Rouhani for his support of “resistance groups” in the fight against Israel. Two years of fractured relations between Iran and Palestinian Islamic Jihad, an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood, came to an end earlier this year when the Iranian regime agreed to resume funding for their terrorist activities.

 The next topic should be the acceptance of Obama’s recent agreement with Iran.



Iranian President Says Jihad Is Only Option for Palestinians
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