There is an dramatic increase of same sex affection in the movies, especially two women kissing and caressing. 
If you don't agree or find it offensive, y0u can certainly change the channel however, this is not a matter of choosing to watch one movie over another, this is a question of morals in American and in particular, morals that we wish to portray   to our children.

How is this behavior explained to to young people, children?
Many parents who are asked how to explain same-sex affection to children say, "just tell them because there is nothing wrong with it, and it is perfectly normal for one person to love another even if they are the same sex".

Lets not try to debate on same sex affection generally and the acceptance or non-acceptance, please comment about what we, as Americans, want to portray to our children at a very young age. 

Let's make the assumption for now that if we all do agree 100% with same sex public affection, then a few pressing questions might be:

    • What are is it appropriate to share?

    Remember, sharing means explaining and answering questions, and even though many are comfortable with this conversation, are children able to understand the bigger picture and what is the effect, if any?

      • Should young children be concerned with kid stuff, and not adult issues?

      • If you disagree with same-sex affection, or other public shows of affection, why do many consider you a bigot or homophobic?