There is no denying the overwhelming popularity of Vladimir Putin. A new State-run pollster VTsIOM has Russian approval at nearly 90%. Currently, American president Barack Obama has an approval rating somewhere just under 50%.

It is a strange feeling for many to see Americans approval and respect for a communist leader far more than the American president. If nothing else, this should be a wake-up call for American politicians and leaders as radical thinkers like Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump who are changing the way they do things, the way they speak about what they are doing, and their overall urgency for real change by action are a sign of changes ahead.

The numbers of Americans who disapprove political policy are increasingly growing. We see the Tea Party gaining popularity and Republicans quickly raising their voices for something new and different. Even if you don’t agree that a wall between Mexico and the US realistic, the talk of change against the political tide is beginning to gather momentum and speed.

You may not agree with Communist Russia or the practices of Russian leaders, however, you cannot deny Vladimir Putin is highly admired and respected not to mention his charm, sex appeal and overall hora as a bad-ass.

Vladimir Putin is gaining respect around the world as American leaders, including President Barack Obama, are shrinking in popularity and overall trust diminishing.